◮You deserve something better than pain◮
lifes not great, but I'm too happy to be an alcoholic. . I just wanna save the world. And maybe myself.

❝One day I woke up
and we no longer spoke
the same language.
I haven’t heard from you since.❞

Hishaam Siddiqi, Where Did You Go?   (via thatbuttholesurfer)

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Hurt Me In Ways I Don’t Deserve To Be Hurt

Hurt me so I can become tougher towards the ones I love
You’re beautiful
But that’s not the point I’m trying to make
See lately I notice I am losing weight, a bad sign, I’m happy.
With all you guys around
It makes me feel hopeful
I don’t know why I think the sun shines brighter on days
When no one is quarreling
Yet I find the sun to be more beautiful
On days when we are
Not quite sure if I understand anything to its full extent anymore
I just wanna sit in my room and be sad
But he comes home
And in his arms is a big smile that he throws at me
And I catch it each time.
And it makes me a little positive
But I can throw that smile on my face when he’s not here
Or save it until he comes home
So that I can throw it back at him
When he needs it.
But in all seriousness
Back to the point
I don’t know what I’m talking about
It’s 2 am and I should be sleeping
But the light from that star is distracting
And did I mention that I’m losing weight?
a bad sign,
I’m happy these things are happening.

you want to be my protector

but what are you proteting me from

the world is a challenge that i can take on myself

the only thing i have to fear is you

i can tell you now

that time and time again 

you say you can protect me 

but what are you protecting me from? 

cause the only thing that can hurt me is you 

and you’ve done it countless times 

and you’ve saved me countless times with just something as simple as a kiss

you are my haven and my hell

all my demons 

are fighting against you 

but you haven’t seemed to notice (care) yet

wack ass bucketlist

to be happy 

to be happy 

to be happy and in love 

with you

take walks on the beach

fall asleep

wake up to the sun rising behind you

make love 

make love 

make true passionate love 

never ending unforgiving unremorsful love

with you 

to die and be born again

in your arms

i want to be saved 

time and time again 

saved by you

from myself

These rivers that run through my veins carry nothing but anger 

They say that everyone is the sme 

because if you cut them open 

we all bleed red

well i can tell you now

that if you cut me open 

theres gonna be a black ass ribbon that falls out

wrap it around my heart 

present it to yourself as a gift

hold my heart and all its anger gently 

dont let the ribbon untie 

in a way the feeling keeps me breathing 

what better motivation for myself to change 

that to carry the burden of an unfound anger 

and try to tun it into love 

thoughtfully wrong

but i thought all dark nights

were supposed to bring forgiveness

thought all good times

would overshadow the bad

i thought that one day 

i would be myself again

but then again i never really found out who that was 

have any of you?

any of you who try so hard to be near me during my struggles  that keep occuring on this human journey called life/

have any of you yet to see

who i really am?

how can i explain

that i wish i could care less 

rather than care as much as i know you want me to 

What Really Matters

what really matters is never what we really think matters in the end 

never underestimate your ability to fail sombody 

it happens.

things like this will always happen

but what can we do to chnge our reaction when this shit occurs?

how do you prevent yourself from feeling the guilt of someone elses anger and or depression 

you dont

not beause you dont want to but ultimatly you just cant

no matter how much you think you can make someone forget what happened 

by making them smile or aplogizing 

things stick with people

a lot of good is easily forgotten 

once a little bad occurs 

but oh well oh well oh well 

dry your tears and act like its irrelevant i guess

its preety stupid i think 

how quickly a mood can change 

or how someone can shift their emotions towards you in the negatove 

when somehting occurs that had little or nothing to do with you 

people are people

people are people

people are people

keep that in mind

try to remeber

that not eeryone is like you

not so quick to listen or accept aplogies

not so easy to let  bygones be bygones

no one is ever gonna be like that

be so easy to walk over

accept it and say goodnight 

cause what really matters

is whos there in the morning 


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to all the ladies

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gettin’ real sick of underwear and responsibilities

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